Stealth Bolt PE Body Board

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Template – We’ve used our most popular “Stealth Pro” template. This shape is a culmination of all of our Team Rider preferences, and designed for high performance riding in all conditions.

Construction – This board uses a PE Core, combined with a S5 Stringer for added strength and durability. This is then combined with the smooth IXL Deck Skin & an HD Slick.

Features – Bolt features a clipped crescent tail, channel and 55/45 Rails.

Suggested Sizing

As a general guide, a bodyboard should go to the rider’s belly button. apart from that, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing the correct size board. Generally bigger boards are faster, but not as easy to control, and generally suited to smaller waves and beginners. On the other hand smaller boards are a bit harder to generate speed, however, have greater control and are ideal for bigger waves and more advanced riders.

As a guide, please refer to the table below. If you’re a beginner, you are probably best suited to a size in which you fall in the lower end of the weight range. ie. 40kg beginner woudl be best suited to 38″, not 36″.

Board SizeWeight Range