Cheat Code Epoxy E3 Surfboard

A tuned-up, Up-Volume Performance shortboard. The Cheat Code features a forgiving boxy rail that minimises rail catches in full / flat sections and sub-par conditions. The bottom contour features a medium single concave that ends between the fins
ending with a flat exit. The single concave combined with a flat entry rocker that flows seamlessly into a flat exit rocker, provides an instant burst of speed
from take-off with exceptional control, drive and carry in small-sized conditions.
Ride the Cheat Code 2-4 inches shorter than your regular shortboard and add a touch of width and thickness.

SKU: 2223234

About this board:

Construction: E3 (E3-lite) Epoxy
Fin Boxes: FCS2/Futures x 5 (Choose option above – Fins not included)
Tail shape: Squash Tail
Dimensions/Litres: See size graph above


About Sharpeye Surfboards:

The Sharp Eye Surfboards mission is to ensure every surfer is satisfied with a premium product and service they can rely on. Their knowledge in performance refinement means the entire collection of surfboard models from fun shapes to small wave performers offer every surfer the quality and craftsmanship expected from one of the world’s leading surfboard brands.

Sharp Eye Surfboards are ridden by some of the world’s best including Filipe Toledo, Alejo Muniz, Brian Toth and Cody Thompson to name a few.

Sharp Eye Surfboards Australia are manufactured on the East Coast in Tweed Heads, the heartland of Australian surfing and are shaped and finished locally.

Sharp Eye Surfboards pushes the boundaries of modern design with a range of surfboard models that have been built to test conventional shaping practices. Sharp Eye Surfboards offer high quality, consistent board design.

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