Quick Humps Sex Wax – Mid Cool Orange

SKU: 1258499


Single Coat Guide

  • The recommended temperature range for a Single Wax Application is printed on the front of each Quick Humps label.
  • Each Quick Humps label has its own “X-NUMBER” which indicates the relative hardness and stickiness of the six different formulas. The “1X” formula is the softest and stickiest Quick Humps Formula and the “6X” formula is the hardest and least sticky formula.
  • When recommended temperatures for two or more Quick Humps formulas overlap, use the “X-NUMBERS” to determine your preference.


Base Coat Guide

  • Using quick humps as a base coat & top coat increases the level of stickiness & stability.
  • Using a harder wax for your base coat will take more effort but this base coat will be more effective by holding the bumps / shape for longer.
  • Once a base coat is applied you only need to add a light top coat before each surf.
  • Changing your base coat depends on the season or travel. Winter you would have a set base and top coat combo & Summer a different combo. Normal changing up or down the hardness.
  • Travelling to Tropical destinations use the hardest wax 6x Blue