Firewire S Boss Shortboard

Firewire: “A performance board with more range in small to big surf than any other high-performance board I have ever surfed. It is the board that I go to every time there are good waves for the last two and a half years. Right away Kelly saw a lot of promise with the shape as did Kevin Schulz”

The key design elements a surfer will notice on the S-Boss is the blunt nose, familiar FRK roundtail, the S Deck/foot wells on the deck, and the double concave set into a v bottom contour.

Surfers will want to ride the S-Boss shorter than their regular shortboard and an inch or two longer than their grovellers. Foam is your friend with the S-Boss so err on the side of more volume with these.

The turning radius radius on the S-Boss is super tight because of the volume, bottom contour and narrowness packed into a shorter board.