Chilli Surfboards Peppa Twin



The rocker is moderate on the entry into a balanced curve in the middle and a relatively flat exit, just enough on both ends to fly down the line when you put the pressure on the front foot and release through turns when the pressure is shifted to the back foot. The sweet spot in this board is large.


Relatively flat bottom 2/3’s of the board. The bottom 1/3 features vee bottom out through the fins allowing for easy rail-to-rail transition. Fast and forgiving are two words that sums up the bottom contours.


The top 2/3’s of outline is just wide enough in all the right spots = stable, forgiving with paddle power for increased wave count. The tail (the business end) comes down into a medium width swallow tail that will hold when pushed hard. This board is very balanced at both ends to suit performance surfing or just when you want to take it easy and let the board do the work for you.


A standout feature that is noticeable as soon as you pick it up is the flat deck that holds foam out to the rail then steps down into a beautifully designed performance rail. This attribute keeps volume of foam packed into a shorter board to keep that wave count up!

Sku: 2046834